Game Tutorial

1.Click the “Connect Wallet”. Please do choose the BSC mainnet. You can also click the “Login” use your account to login, each wallet can only be bound to one account.
2. Then you will see the game interface shown as below.
1.On the top left corner, you can check your available points for playing the game. Each day the points will be reset to 20. Play 1 game cost 1 point, When your available points is 0, you can only get trophy rewards.
2. On the top right corner, you can check your SPACE tokens balance. There will be SPACE tokens and cSPACE tokens. They are actually the same token. SPACE token is the token on chain. cSPACE token is the token used in game. Players can collect cSPACE token rewards by playing games. And then can swap the in-game token cSPACE to the onchain token SPACE with the ratio 1:1. And then can withdraw the SPACE tokens to your wallet. Also players can swap onchain SPACE tokens to in-game cSPACE tokens to use it for GEOM upgrading.
3.In the middle, you can see “Set Team”, you can choose which GEOMs you want to use to fight.
4. Click “Arena” to play against enemy team .
5. You can check your game record in “Record” .
6. You can check and upgrade your GEOM in “GEOM” .
7. You can open blind boxes in “BlindBox” .
8. You can trade your GEOM in the “Market” .
9. You can go to “Exchange” to buy SPACE tokens .
10. You can check the basic information of Arena on the bottom left corner.
Click "GEOM", you will enter the above page, you can view the GEOM you have, You need to spend cSPACE tokens to upgrade GEOM level. Higher level GEOM can join higher level Arena, and get higher value rewards.
The cSPACE spent for upgrading will be returned to players regularly as Arena and Adventure rewards.
4. BlindBox
Then click “BlindBox” in the interface, you will go to this page above, you can click “Open the Blind Box” to get your GEOM.
New blind boxes will be released according to the size of users. Users will need to spend SPACE tokens to participate in the future sales.
A portion of SPCAE tokens collected from future sales will be burnt regularly. To be more clarify, when a future sale is launched, the obtained SPACE tokens will be burnt in batches on the last day of the current month, and we will announce the exact number of SPACE tokens burnt.
5. Set Team
Click ”Set Team”, you will go to this page above. You can click your GEOMs on the right to place it on the battle field, or you can drag GEOM from the right to the left and put it on the spot you want. After put 5 GEOMs on the battle field on the left, click confirm.
6. Arena
On the interface, click “Arena” and then choose the corresponding Arena level available for you to play.After you win, you will be rewarded with cSPACE, Exp, trophy.
Play 1 game cost 1 point, When your available points is 0, you can only get trophy rewards.