GameFi Developer Ecosystem
With the support of BSC underlying technology, Boom Space can provide developers on Dapp with easy-to-use and perfect blockchain game infrastructure, including visual development kits and on-chain ecosystem, developers can directly complete blockchain game development in a graphical way with low threshold, fast and efficient without focusing on blockchain technology implementation. Boom Space hopes to provide players with a fair, just and open game environment with transparent data, transparent rules, no backend manipulation of prop drop rates and malicious inducement of consumption, and hopes that players' assets can be preserved in a long-lasting, safe and decentralized manner. At the same time, Boom Space hopes to carry the value fission of digital asset economic model through NFT model, and help developers and players to achieve better alignment of interests:
•Provides application development framework for multiple operating systems and blockchain environments with the underlying support of BSC;
•Provides fully scripted, component-based and data-driven application development tools;
•leverages a high-performance application and existing toolsets and tightly integrates with the blockchain interface layer, making it easy for all games to support the blockchain.
•Enables the NFTization of game assets and props, allowing anyone to participate in the generation, production, investment and collection of NFTs, so that each participating subject can get better value.
In addition, Boom Space can support third-party developers to program, debug and publish decentralized game applications and hybrid architecture game applications for blockchain environment. At the same time, Boom Space integrates a blockchain-based distributed user account system, wallet and NFT digital asset circulation, enabling off-chain permanent storage and cross-chain use of in-app game asset NFT. In this way, it form:
•help developers who are interested in developing game product derivatives to assetize 21 their produced content, so that they can continuously gain revenue in the process of using, managing and circulating the assets, and provide convenient and decentralized game distribution channels;
•Help fans and players transform their data formed by investing time and energy and props obtained through consumption into assets that can be safely stored and circulated, and give players the right to manage and commercialize them.
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