Metaverse Game Ecology
Boom Space believes that in the Internet world created by the metaverse, people are both participants and creators. The experience of virtual games now is unparalleled to the incomparable excitement and tremendous explosive power brought by the metaverse at that time.
In the future, with the continuous development of VR and AR technologies and the support of blockchain technology for transactions, this blockchain-based decentralized platform metaverse is expected to move from a certain gaming crowd to a larger audience. In the crowd, the line between reality and game will become more blurred, and the virtual will be closer to reality. As far as the current technology is concerned, the most likely way to realize the metaverse concept is through games. Because virtual reality requires technologies that restore a lot of realistic scenes, and this is the scope of the game field is good at. In order to improve the immersion of users, even VR, AR and other technologies can be used to enhance the user experience, and the sensory experience of the virtual world is what the game production can achieve. Boom Space is using the existing technology and the metaverse community concept of the metaverse worldview blockchain game to build its own metaverse model.
The Boom Space metaverse game ecosystem creates game worlds that allow players to use specific blockchain assets in each game of the game multiverse, a truly user-owned virtual world where users have full control over the content environments and applications they create, which can range from any static 3D scene to more interactive applications or games.
The Boom Space metaverse gaming ecosystem also aims to build a deeply immersive virtual metaverse world where players can collaboratively create virtual worlds and games without central authority, disrupting existing game makers and allowing players to build, own and monetize gaming experiences in the blockchain using the platform's utility token, SPACE.
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