Core Business Value
With the concept of deeply applying the NFT+ metaverse concept to the gaming ecosystem, Boom Space will open a new era of value interconnection with the support of the core ecosystem such as GameFi developer ecosystem and metaverse gaming ecosystem.
Boom Space is competitive in the following areas, thanks to the advantages of continuous development and innovative technology, extensive business applications, and fine-grained governance:
•Technology: Boom Space has a very mature and strong technical support, and has accumulated rich industry and technical experience in blockchain, games, artificial intelligence, NFT, metaverse, VR/AR and other fields. Boom Space has made industry-leading breakthroughs in blockchain underlying technology development and application.
•Industry resources: Boom Space team is a perfect combination of senior people with multi-industry experience, years of practical operation experience, and deep insight into industry development. In addition, Boom Space will sign strategic cooperation agreements with the top leaders in the target industries, which will provide strong support for Boom Space to enter the target industries and truly promote the practical implementation of Boom Space NFT+ metaverse game application.
•DAO Business Governance: Unlike other gaming projects, Boom Space has a clear strategic plan for the target industry and a self-governing community model that will continue to empower a free, fair, and high-value ecosystem to prosper. Boom Space is more focused and specialized in penetrating and rapidly gaining market share in targeted industries by leveraging the distributed decentralization, immutability and cryptographic security of blockchain technology and peer-to-peer transfer of value.
• Fund Management: Beast Legends' fund management will be led by SPACE Eco Development Foundation and will strictly adhere to the principles of fairness, equity and openness, with the development of Boom Space as the primary goal. The SPACE Eco-Development Foundation will be the sole custodian of the funds and will ensure the security and sustainability of the funds. All funds used by Boom Space will be disclosed to all investors on a regular basis to ensure openness in the use of funds.
•Development space:Boom Space's target industry is the trillion dollar gaming market. The development team has a well-defined governance structure to ensure the sustainability of the company's general management, code management, financial management, compensation management, and privileged scope of operations.
In summary, Boom Space's commercialization logic is clear, supported by its core competencies. Based on the BSC framework system, Boom Space has a strong target and logical genes for each technical segment and organization, and based on this, many modular and modified technical solutions or mechanisms are proposed.
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