Battle Mode

In January 2022, BoomSpace team will launch the 1st Battle mode-Arena, based on game assets. The Arena adopts a 5V5 turn-based game mode. Players can place 5 GEOMs in their respective 9 square grid. The GEOMs will automatically fight when the battle starts. The player’s goal is to destroy all enemies on the opposite side.


Season Duration: 90 days.
Trophy Reset: In order to maintain the balance of the whole ecosystem, all players' trophies will be reset to 50% at the end of each season.

Season Reward

Users who win the battle can get the trophy reward. Also, if they lose the battle, they will lose the trophy reward. At the end of each season, we will rank users according to their trophy rewards and giveaway SPACE tokens as rewards to the top 1000 users.

Arena Level

The average level of GEOM determines the Arena Level that users can enter. The higher the Arena Level, the more SPACE rewards players will receive in each battle. There will be no SPACE obtained from a failed battle.
Primary Arena: Average Level 1-5
Elite Arena: Average Level 6-10
Epic Arena: Average Level 11-15
Legend Arena: Average Level 16-20