Characteristics of the metaverse
Before discussing the characteristics of the metaverse, we will first define some of the most basic consensus of the metaverse. We have tried to summarize some of the characteristics that most experts in this field would mention:
Sociality: Sharing virtual scenarios with other users in the same world, and having a real presence in the virtual world, is a key element of the metaverse;
No hardware limitations: Different forms of hardware can be used to access these digital worlds. Users can interact with these worlds through extended reality (VR/AR) glasses, cell phones, tablets and wearable devices;
User-generated content: the metaverse will be largely creator-driven, and will be enriched by content and experiences produced or enhanced by users themselves;
Living and breathing: the metaverse will be a parallel reality with rich economic activity that exists in real time and never ends: these digital worlds will have fully functional economic systems based on cryptocurrencies and will offer transactions, investments and real ownership;
Bridged worlds: Users will be able to seamlessly jump between virtual worlds and take personal items from one world to another. These digital worlds can also interact with the real world in the form of access points (e.g. QR codes) and hybrid ownership of real/virtual products.
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