The Metaverse, which originated in science fiction, defines a virtual world parallel to the real world. Science fiction author Neal Stephenson first introduced the Metaverse in his 1992 novel "Snow Crash". Subsequent films and TV shows such as "The Matrix", "Sword Art Online", and "Ready Player One" also have similar metaverse concepts.
The term "metaverse" consists of the prefix "Meta" (meaning beyond) and the stem "Verse" (a suffix of "universe"); the term The term is commonly used to describe the concept of future iterations of the Internet, consisting of a continuously shared three-dimensional virtual space linked to a perceivable virtual world, i.e., a parallel and persistent virtual world built on top of the real world through technological capabilities, in which real people live as digital avatars in virtual space and time, and in which there are fully functioning social and economic systems. Although some metaverse definitions vary, there are consistent common themes and features in each definition, which we will highlight later.