Metaverse and WEB 3.0

While the metaverse manifests itself as a series of real-time and ultimately interconnected online experiences, it is actually empowered and characterized by some of the transformative trends that have long been known to cutting-edge brands and marketers, including shared social spaces, digital payments, and gamification, to name a few. The future of the metaverse, however, will see absolute evolution in forms that are mostly unfamiliar, most notably blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, digital goods, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and personal digital avatars.
Ultimately, the metaverse represents the entirety of Web3's functionality. The upcoming third generation of Internet services will deliver a more immersive, connected, and open web experience by leveraging machine learning and decentralization. The concept of an interconnected world is one that we will discuss later when we explore open versus closed worlds. The emergence of the metaverse and Web3 provides an important opportunity for brands to play a more decisive role in creating their own scenarios online, as well as co-create experience scenarios with users.