The core elements of the metaverse

The core elements of the metaverse: the ultimate immersive experience + rich content ecology + hyperspace social system + virtual-real interactive economic system.
As for the core elements of the metaverse, there is no unified view in the market, but we found some commonalities, among which we choose the eight elements necessary for the metaverse proposed by the CEO of Roblox, a relatively more authoritative prototype of the metaverse, and the seven features of the virtual world architecture given by the Tencent Research Institute. We believe that the ideal form of the metaverse is a mega digital community with the ultimate immersive experience, rich content ecology, hyperspace social system, and virtual-real interactive economic system that can map the reality of human society and civilization, and summarize the core elements of the metaverse as follows:
Immersive experience: The metaverse should feature an alternative to the real world. Under the general trend of virtual-real combination, information terminals are developing along two lines of high-frequency interaction and simulation, and the breakthrough of XR devices based on VR and AR in terms of simulation will bring qualitative improvement to the immersive experience.
Rich Content: open to free creation and continuous content generation. In order for the metaverse to serve as a long-term virtual space for users, it must develop content tools and ecology, open up third-party interfaces to lower the threshold of creation, and form a self-evolution mechanism.
Sociality: The metaverse can break through the limitations of physical time and space, not only forming an alternative to offline relationships, but also creating a significant change to the mainstream social model based on the identification with the virtual environment and existence.
Economic system: With independent economic attributes, anyone can create, trade, and "work" in return, forming an economic and cultural prosperity similar to real life.