Risk Warning
Any SPACE buyer is responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdictions. Any prospective buyer of SPACE should consider the risk factors identified in this section. If any of these risks were to materialize, it could negatively impact the financial and operational performance of the issuer, thereby preventing the issuer from meeting its obligations under this White Paper.
As of the date of registration of this White Paper, challenges and risks have been identified by the Issuer's Governance Committee. This does not preclude the possibility of additional threats of risk. Buyers must be aware that the impact on issuers may be exacerbated by the combination of several risks that arise simultaneously.
One of the main challenges of the project is the usage of the assets that the artist and creator communities are starting to trade, which will be the key point behind SPACE demand generation. Therefore, we are focused on developing a robust, multi-platform product that focuses on solving problems and community needs by providing a tool to create three-dimensional pixel art for mass distribution. As a result, we are developing strong communities in different parts of the world, with a focus on Asia. We believe that the awareness and learning curve in Asia will have more potential. We believe that Asia will have more potential in terms of awareness and learning curve. The success of the program will depend on the priorities and preferences of consumers and their ability to quickly anticipate, identify and leverage those priorities and preferences. The publisher is in an emerging, disruptive, and rapidly evolving industry. This includes, but is not limited to, developments related to the business itself, the underlying technology, and the resulting regulatory and legal implications. Specifically, in terms of public knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies, such as distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and other innovative technology arrangements. As of the date of registration of this white paper, this knowledge and understanding is still incomplete. The resulting risks may not be fully understood, and new additional risks may arise in the future. Because issuers' commitments are dependent on the continued and proper operation of their technology infrastructure, issuers face a variety of risks in properly maintaining their technology infrastructure. These risks include, but are not limited to, cyber attacks, data theft or other unauthorized use of data, and other malicious interference. Certain portions of the infrastructure may be outsourced to third parties. In such cases, the issuer relies on technical arrangements developed by such third parties to perform its coverage, and it is therefore exposed to the risk of failure of such technical arrangements. Issuers are subject to a variety of laws, including regulations and rules promulgated under those laws, and are exposed to risk due to changes in the law and the timing and impact of corresponding changes in the law. This includes changes in their interpretation that issuers cannot predict. The growth of the issuer and its business is attributable in part to the efforts and capabilities of its governance group members and other key personnel, particularly its administrative committee. If one or more members of this group are unable or unwilling to remain in their current positions, the issuer may not be able to replace them on short notice, which in turn could have a material adverse effect on the issuer's business.
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