Blockchain API


APIs are critical to blockchain technology. A strong API infrastructure allows users to get a head start and profit from blockchain faster. Boom Space will formally open up blockchain technology through an API (Application Programming Interface) published on the BSC developer platform, providing a new mode of access to application scenarios for participants in various industries.
Boom Space's API allows applications to register users, query the blockchain, and publish transaction-related signals, allowing developers to quickly test chain codes or query the status of transactions. Therefore, Boom Space will be a vertical application platform for game pan-business, dedicated to aggregating global game enterprises and game service organizations in various industries and providing high-quality multi-domain services.

Cooperative open interface

Boom Space's pan-game commercial platform is a cross-industry service platform, which is integrated and developed based on the actual situation, and is open and highly selectable. Therefore, in order to facilitate the business system interface with the participating organizations, Boom Space's blockchain system provides an independent API gateway, which offers the business functions provided by Boom Space's blockchain system in the form of REST API and realizes the interface of cooperative operation. On the one hand, partner third parties can quickly access the Boom Space blockchain system and integrate with their internal systems, and obtain real-time user data through the platform. On the other hand, when the partner third parties have the game data model, the unique user information is less likely to be stolen or accessed by other operators due to the cryptographic identification, which makes it more anonymous, secure, reliable and unique.