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Boom Space Smart wallet

Boom Space will develop Boom Space Smart Wallet in the ecology, users can make multi-chain payments through Boom Space Smart Wallet, which is seamlessly integrated 12 with all major wallets in the market.
•One-stop management: Boom Space smart wallet will unify the management of multiple digital currencies, supporting not only the storage and management of mainstream assets such as Bitcoin and Ether, but also the standard protocols of smart contract platforms such as Ether and BSC, and quickly adding tokens issued based on each platform. While reducing the burden of user management, it also provides wallet service support for new blockchain projects, allowing project teams to focus more on core services.
•Decentralized services: Boom Space smart wallet upholds the core tenets of blockchain, providing users with a decentralized digital currency storage solution where the wallet key and private key information for all types of currencies are stored in the user's local system. At the same time, Boom Space Smart Wallet offers a convenient key backup solution - users only need to make one backup, write down a word, and save it to a safe place. Even if the digital currency category is added later, all categories of digital currency assets can be restored using the 12 backed up words.
•Multiple security guarantees: In addition to giving users full control over their wallet keys, Boom Space smart wallet also provides multiple signature technology guarantees and two-step authorization verification for digital asset management of different scales, and users can choose to perform verification methods such as mobile verification code, fingerprint, and live verification when transferring transactions, ensuring the security of digital currency assets in all aspects.
A blockchain wallet is a software program that stores cryptocurrencies. Each registered user of Boom Space has a private key (secret number) that leads to their wallet. This key is the only way to access their digital currency address, and therefore the only way to receive or send credits.
In the wallet, users keep their application pass in the Boom Space ecosystem, and changes in the application pass correspond to changes in the Boom Space platform's mainnet ledger information. The essence of managing a wallet is to manage the private key, which has little chance of being recovered if it is lost.

Privacy Protection

In order to address the issues of asymmetric information and fraudulent evaluations, Boom Space will encrypt and store identity information in the system using asymmetric encryption technology. To ensure the validity, authenticity and security of the information on the chain.
The application principle is as follows: Each user in Boom Space needs to register on the system, and the registered user has a unique private key to prove the real identity information. Each user with a private key can record information on the blockchain, and can also view the information within their rights.
The mechanism of Boom Space privacy protection is as follows:
The first step is to generate a 256bit private key (yellow key) from the cipher text by SHA256 (Security Hash) algorithm. When the HASH function is used, the length of Data changes, but the hash value remains unchanged; each Data character corresponds to a unique hash value, which can be used as a data fingerprint. This private key is used to generate a public key (light purple key) using elliptic encryption algorithm, and this public key can be known to everyone. Everyone can use this public key to get the user's address through the HASH function. Due to the one-way nature of the HASH function, i.e., Hash( x) = y, it is difficult to find x through y. It is almost impossible to crack the public key through the address or the user's private key through the public key.
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